Saturday, 30 March 2013

4K TV company Apple: Is anyone still care?

Normally, one would think a rumor that never comes true, despite being evenly distributed over the years, not shrivel and die. That is not the situation with the story of a legend series Apple TV company, which later became the company Apple HDTV set, and now it is obviously a 4K display The apple company, according to the version most recent of these rumors.
But after all this time, the query becomes more relevant is not "Will there be a television company Apple?" But "we do not care even a TV to the Apple company?"
According to the latest analysis and ideas Bizrate Retrevo, the answer for most of the clientele is quite clearly yes, but the company Apple Trust are not as enthusiastic for iTV as they were for the iPhone last.
Ideas Bizrate made his "Study Apple TV" in February via internet deferred opinions on nearly 4,000 Internet shoppers distribute through a system of over 5000 North U.S. e-retail sites. Analysis found that 69% of these customers could consider a tv company Apple. customers to Apple iOS company, the number was an incredible 81% and even 60% of clients Android operating system also said they were fascinated.
But do not expect the same for a crazy collection of Apple TV which have associated the iPhone generates last. The analysis found that only 4% of participants would be willing to camp for a TV developed in Cupertino, California Evaluate with the 18% who said the same in a 2011 analysis Retrevo they camped for the iPhone 4S.
Maybe this is more an expression of our way of life than any smartphone obsessed. Cost is also an obvious aspect. In fact, a higher price was mentioned among those requested in order top, they would not buy a TV company Apple. For these two factors, individuals are not exactly new MacBooks up to one thousand dollars, either.
But it seems to me to be the first tangible proof that the apple TV buzz is exaggerated. Big shock, I know. Nothing less than to show the apparent realization.
Perhaps the most informative part of the review are the features that people have said they would most like to see in a television company Apple. Function above is one of the most difficult to achieve, "the ability to consider the development which is normally satellite or cable," 54% cited as important. Then it was a display of "high quality, as a Retina displayed.


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