Tuesday, 2 April 2013

solar powered robot no requires water to clean.

Saudi Arab wants to spend more than $ 100 billion to build large solar panels and reduce its dependence on oil for energy production. But sandstorms uncultivated cause an important task to keep residential solar sections cool and efficient.
Japanese start-up Miraikikai is the creation of a solution to get rid of the dirt and dust annoying: Washing software that does not need water.
The company has created the Wall Master Walls and roof software, and recently found a better display model built with researchers from the School of Kagawa.
It is about 24 pounds - light enough to be carried by a person - and share

s about 22 inches wide diameter.
It clears a scan rotation and can run for up to two hours on one charge electric range.
The effectiveness of the robot has been confirmed in dry areas Miraikikai said in a release, and the machine can cool sections and employees rights.
Maximum use of the device will result in low cost washing even in places where labor costs relatively cheap.
Startup plans to promote the program next year in the Middle East and North Africa-American, where demand for solar energy is produced and more water is limited.
Nomadd is a software developed at the same master Abdullah School of Technology and Technology in Saudi Arab. It has only four moving parts and can move holes in the solar residential sections.
More solar panels cleaning spiders are in the desires of some state of Saudi Arabia massive maintenance industry.


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