Monday, 1 April 2013

Safari Web browser for Mobiles

Safari has regained some of the ground lost recently to competition from mobile browsers.

Apple iOS making your online 61.79% of all visitors cell line web browser viewed by net programs in April. It was a healthy place of 55.41% in February monitored
Safari remained strong in the major of 30 days, followed by the standard browser of the Android operating system into line in second place with 21.86% and Safari discuss Mini in third place with 8.4%. But Safari has seen its discussion of website visitors to Net Applications has shaken a bit by the competition.
After a steady increase over the previous years, Safari has to discuss water during the last year or so. Discuss its 61.79% 30 days is a bit higher than the 60.5% seen in April 2012.
During the same period, the shares for the standard browser of the Android operating system online, Google Firefox, Internet and Traveler have increased slightly. The trend is not exactly shocking given the growing popularity of the Android operating system and launching more devices Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows 8 pills, both of which have IE as standard browser online .
Among specific moble online editions of the browser, Safari 6.0 came out on top with 38.5% discussed, followed by the operating system Android 4.0 browser in line with 21.5%.
On the desktop side, Internet Traveler 10 was mounted in the rankings, achieving a 2.9% increase to discuss the last 30 days. This proved to be a decent gain of 1.6% in February, 1.3% in January, and a little less than one% in December
Until recently, the latest version of IE was found on Microsoft Windows 8 PC. But Microsoft has released IE 10 Microsoft Windows Seven in late February


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