Friday, 5 April 2013

AP CEEP 2013 online details.

AP CEEP 2013 Alert program online counseling dates:

Ap polytechnic entrance assessment Alert CEEP 2013 on the internet programs, guidance CEEP 2013 times also called ap Polytechnique entry assessment period is adapted yesterday by the team ap CEEP. The review of the CEEP period is May 2, 2013 and also to give them the time of CEEP 2013 program starts on 27 April 2013. evaluation CEEP on demand Internet ending period 25th April 2013, CEEP Exam Date May 2, 2013 reslts CEEP is 17 May 2013. CEEP first orientation period this summer 17 10th 2013, the second period of counseling this summer from 22 to 27. You can find more on the offcial website ..> Polytechnic sessions begins August 1, 2013.

CEEP is structured for entry candidates in the government and private institutions that offer degree programs in various technological innovation / No divisions of technological innovation and conducted by the State Board of expertise and training (SBTET), AP, Hyderabad. The SBTET, AP organizes evaluation input within 30 days of April each year and thousands of applicants to take part in..
Polytechnics for admission to the next educational season will occur on May 2, 2013 .. Common enterance exam for polytechnics (SEEP) -2013 expertise said that the event will take place over the next season, May 2 Sip acceptance panel, built by the decision Thursday. After a sip of Polytechnic during routine is a routine launched by Commissioner ajayjain specialized knowledge.
103 institutions Identify admission during 103 engineering schools and polytechnics approach to the management of the second movement in the wake of the acceptance of the High Court on 15 INELA nearly 12,000 seats in these institutions have replacement superior knowledge. According to the entrance of the area in these institutions will perform this routine for 30 days 27 specialized knowledge. those 30 days ou within zone 27, zone inside the 28 in the 30 days, SVU Identify input on these 30 days 29 in the handle area. January 1, 2013, the sessions begin. For the first year course ends, August 7 Students practice the feedback of concepts, place August 8 to 21.

AP AP polytechnic entrance assessment (CEEP) Important Dates 2013
CEEP 2013 program begins April 27, 2013
Online application time frame ending 25th April 2013
CEEP Exam Date May 2, 2013
CEEP results within May 17th 2013
CEEP first orientation period June 10, 17 e 2013
Counseling second period June 22 to 27
Sessions CEEP begins August 1, 2013
Ap CEEP 2013 on Internet application:
you can complete your application online ap ceep after April 27, the CEEP official website .. click here
Ap CEEP 2013 Results:
you can check ap CEEP 2013 results click here


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