Saturday, 6 April 2013

Intel fix USB in 'Haswell' chipset

Apple has tested a USB bug in its next generation chipset "Haswell."
The bug can cause (universal serial bus) 3.0 USB gadgets such as inch drives to disappear after entering standby. In some situations, removable gadgets must be reconnected, according to a study to BSN.
The company issued the following statement this lunchtime. The bug in Apple parlance, is termed as an "errata." The chipset is rubber that comes with the primary Haswell processor
4th gen is the primary screen for a release in mid-year. Apple issued a PCN (Product Change Notification) save a USB chipset errata, revealing that chipsets with errata will be developed during the preliminary snap. But Apple has verified that there is no possibility of loss of information or crime. This problem was found with a small part of the Super Speed ​​USB-inch drives and has no impact on other USB devices. We take all issues seriously and we have customers any customer query or a problem, they can always contact Apple customer care.
Under Article Edit Alert a new "step" - an edition of the chipset with the fix - will be sent as examples for customers starting April 19. The final edition of the chipset game will be available this summer 15.
Haswell, which is delivered to the creators of PC now, is the next generation processer popular Apple ultrabooks that will power and a wide range of compounds that overlap products and styles of phones.
New Haswell microarchitecture provide "the individual the greatest generation to generation energy battery life improvement in the Apple case," according to a recent statement by the CEO of Apple, John Paul Otellini.


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