Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to get a screenshot in BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry recently released its foundation BlackBerry 10 with the Z10, equipped with the keyboard Q10 above. While the new OS comes with the ability to discuss your screen with other customers BBM, not everyone has a BlackBerry 10 program. Under these conditions, obtaining and discuss a display shot is the best way to demonstrate your desltop structure, or maybe fix a problem with another client.

To take a screen shot of your BlackBerry 10 program, just media and keep both the quantity and amount down important factors for both a short time. You can then hear a camera sound impact of the photographic shutter to inform you display an effective shot.
Your screenshots are then stored in the application Recent Images area, you can then discuss, edit or delete them.
For entrepreneurs PlayBook, the procedure may ring a bell, and that's because it is.
If you are an iOS or Android client management program that wants to have a glimpse of what BlackBerry 10 is all about, make sure to examine this publish where you can discover how to review BlackBerry 10 from your Web browser .


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