Monday, 1 April 2013

computer-parts carpet

If you put all the elements parts you've never owned the land, which would it look like?
Maybe something along the collections of Federico Uribe "Tapete" (carpet). It is designed from a large number of laptop or computer removed and other parts.

The Miami-based professional uses conceptual things of everyday life in the statues that stimulate creatures, vegetation and individual numbers.
His book "Everyone joins", for example, breast functions people like Marilyn Monroe created from all means of nails.
"Garden of agricultural resources," meanwhile operates plants and vegetation created spades, rakes, trowels and.
In his article carpets, Uribe created using cables, motherboards, lovers, important factors keypad, telephone connections, CDs, and at least one Dell laptop or computer mouse. Look on more images in the collection below.
"Each element has a meaning, every word has a meaning," Uribe said during a meeting at taking display The world according to Federico Uribe. "But you can extend this meaning if you put this article in a different perspective, the same way you put a term in a different perspective and poems."


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